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Upcoming Events

Host A Visiting Scholar for Thanksgiving! 

August 19

November 23rd

Give someone a seat at YOUR table 

Training Seminars


If you have a group interested in learning more about international missions or cross cultural evangelism, please reach out to either of our experienced speakers/trainers Scott Boyd or Farshid Rezaee.

Annual Celebration Banquet


Each year in March we gather at the LeMont Restaurant to celebrate all that God has done through our partnership in reaching the nations here in Pittsburgh.

Yes, OUR partnership, that between PRISM and YOU, our faithful ministry partners.

We cannot do this work without each church, donor and volunteer that makes a commitment to partner with PRISM. Stay tuned for more details on this Spring event.

Know Our History and Team


We invite you to learn how PRISM has grown during just over 60 years of hard work, thanks to the collaboration of all the staff and members of the church who trust us and support us as volunteers.