Our Purpose

A Community of Fun

Our purpose at PRISM is to make your experience in Pittsburgh as enjoyable, memorable, and fun as we possibly can!  While we know your studies are very important to you, we also know that having good times with new friends is just as important.

A Community for Everyone 

PRISM loves students from every country!  We are a diverse community made up of people from all over the world, and we love learning from one another.  If you're reading this, we want you to know you're welcome here!

A Community of Faith

We at PRISM are committed to the purposes of a loving God.  We believe that the true message of Christianity is one of faith, hope, and love.  We regularly read the Bible, discuss it, and let it shape our lives.

Why We Exist

We understand that you are in a completley new chapter of your life.  Coming to Pittsburgh for education, an internship, or post-doc work can be a challenging time as you are far away from friends and family.  We exist so that you don't have to be alone during your time here, and we want to offer you many opportunities to build relationships while you're here!  We are passionate about embracing and engaging people from all over the world.  We hope that no matter how long you're here, you take time to experience Pittsburgh culture, make new friends, and learn about our greatest passion, Jesus our Lord!

God has brought you to Pittsburgh for a reason, and we want to get to know you! 

While we know that your studies and work are some of your top priorities, we encourage you to see that friendships are equally important to your experience in Pittsburgh.


We offer a variety of programs, events, and trips that will enrich your life -

so don't miss the opportunity to build friendships!