Holiday Hosting


April 16 (Easter Day Only)

Easter is coming up on Sunday, April 16th! The holiday hosting experience provides students with an opportunity to meet and enjoy a holiday with an American family. The families are responsible to pick up their students and host them for the holiday. Often this involves eating, talking, playing games and visiting an American church.

If you are an international student or scholar and would like to sign up to be hosted for the day on Easter, please register here by April 9th.


April 15-16 (Overnight)

Enjoy rural Pennsylvania for Easter weekend. Includes an overnight stay in an American family's home in a town about 45 minutes outside of Pittsburgh. Celebrate this special holiday with them by sharing their traditions and learning about the holiday. You will spend time with your family, visit church on Easter morning, and share meals as you learn about this special part of American life.

Cost for this overnight stay is $10. Please register here by April 9th.


Questions about either one of these hosting experiences? Contact Christa:



The feedback received from the students who have participated in the past have been positive. One student said, “It was unforgettable. It was my first time to have lunch with an American family.”


A survey revealed that more than 75% of the international students never set foot into an American home. Therefore, this is a great way to experience American culture and enjoy your holiday.